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Web Design & Development

The Foundation of your Web Presence

The heart and soul of your online presence is your company website. Our philosophy is that your website serves as a marketing tool that will increase your company revenue and brand exposure.

You can increase sales on your site as much as 225% by
providing sufficient product information to your customers
at the right time. (User Interface Engineering, 2001)


Web Developement: Research


  • Competitive Research
  • Target Site Users
  • Combine Research & Your Input
Web Developement: Userability


  • Easy to Navigate
  • Clear and Concise
  • Supports Your Brand
Web Developement: Informative


  • High Quality Content
  • Information is Relative to Visitor’s Needs
  • Provide Clear Call-to-Action
Web Developement: Engaging


  • More Images, Videos, & Blog Posts
  • Various Platforms to reach Customers - including New Media Marketing
  • Provide the right incentives
All Sites Are NOT Made Alike
Blog Integration
Does your website provide ease of use? The usability of your website is our first consideration, Infinite Communications develops your website with users and search engines in mind. Our web designs are different in that our customizations include:
  • NO Nickel & Dime for Revisions
  • Your Opinions Contribute to Your Web Design
  • Total Integration: From CMS to Google Analytics
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5 signs that your web site is due for a redesign

1. Outdated
If your web site hasn't been updated in over 5-6 months. Visitors - as well as search engines - want new content in order to return to your site. If the content and images on your site haven’t changed, people are likely avoiding your website.

2. Hard to Navigate
Can a visitor who comes to your site find what they are looking for in 2-3 clicks? Userability is the single most important factor when developing a succesful web site.

3. All or No TEXT
Too much text is just as bad as no text. Your site should have a good balance of text and visual content. Search engines want text so that they can index your site and send interested visitors your way.

4. WOW Factor
Your home page and navigation have less than 3 seconds to convince your visitor to stay on your site. Is your site WOW enough?

5. No Leads & Inquiries to Help Sales
Your website isn't generating leads or inquiries to help make sales. Most likely, your site was designed as an online "brochure" for your business. You have no mechanisms to generate and bring in new prospects, or ease the workload of your customer service or support staff.


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