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"Infinite Comm does a great job of monitoring the conversation about my dental practice. They always provide me with the latest reviews and feedbacks that are on the Internet."

My G Tran DDS
Cheyenne Dental Group

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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Ensuring that you know what is being said about you online,
and that you are leading the conversation.

Basically, your problem arises when negative press gets into the news and consumer websites, which then climb to the top of Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines for your product and company name. So how can you push down the ranking of an irritated blogger or news web page?

Nowadays, the first step people take in researching
your company is through online search.
Have you Googled your own company recently?

Who Can Benefit from Online Reputation Management (ORM)?
Online Reputation Mangement: Company Logos
The truth is, any and all companies who care about their reputation in the business world can benefit from ORM.

You can't afford to ignore content intended to damage your company name and reputation, whether that content has been generated professionally or by regular posters on the Internet. Attacking such content with an organized and efficient strategy is by far the best way to protect your company’s reputation and brand.


Online Reputation Management: Research & Anlaysis

Research & Anlaysis

  • Target Source of Negative Content
  • Work with Source of Negative Press to Minimize impact
  • Develop a Strategy to overcome negative press
Online Reputation Management: Positive Content Distribution

Positive Content Distribution

  • Create & distribute high impact content on a variety of trusted sites
  • Drown out and/or replace negative press with positive content
  • Optimize existing websites & content
Online Reputation Management: Develop and Maintain RSS Feed

Develop and Maintain RSS Feed

  • Monitor keywords related to your company across search engines
  • Respond to customer opinions and comments immediately
  • Know what is being said about you online
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