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5 Quick Tips to Make Every Networking
Opportunity Worth Your Time

How many times have you attended a networking event and your fellow attendees have described their business using jargon that you don't understand or providing a description that you've heard a 100 times?!?! You shouldn't commit the same mistake either.

Here are 5 quicks tips to stand out and make every networking opportunity worth your time:

1. Tell a heroic story.
After you introduce yourself, tell a story about a specific client and how you helped them succeed. Make it extraordinary.

2. Share a statistic that will impress the room.
But when you use statistics make sure you put them in context. Or it won't make an impact. For example, if I say our email newsletters have a 30% open rate, you won't know if that is good or bad, but if I say that our email newsletters have a 30% open rate compared to the 20% industry standard, you know that we're kicking butt!

3. Offer something of value.
You can end your intro with a call to action -- "contact me if you'd like a free analysis on your…." "today we are giving away 3…to those who visit our website and sign up for our E-newsletter".

4. Use impersonal language that people wouldn't expect.
My favorite is describing Infinite Communications by proclaiming, "We make websites that don't suck." You don't have to be as pronounced, but you get the idea.

5. Start with an inspiring quote.
People like to meet other people who are positive. Use a quote to inspire and as a gateway to describe the values of you and your company.

You're investing your time and often $$ to meet new people and you have one shot to wow them, use these tips to prepare a memorable introduction.

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