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Google Pay Per Click Marketing
The Good and The Bad

Google Pay Per Click marketing (Adwords) is a form of paid advertising to get exposure on Google search results; it essentially gets your site to appear next to or above unpaid search results.

With Google Adwords you pay for the clicks your website receives, as well as, the number of times your ads are viewed.

Here are The Good and The Bad about Pay Per Click marketing:

The Good:

  • 1. Show up for keywords your target audience is searching
  • 2. Reach an audience based on geography
  • 3. Control the page your web visitor reaches after they click your ad
  • 4. Have better control over your marketing budget
  • 5. See and Track Results with Analytics (unlike print ads)
  • 6. Focus on specific services that bring you the best results based on tested campaigns

The Bad:

  • 1. Poorly written ads are ineffective
  • 2. First timers may overbid on keywords
  • 3. Costs can be very high for certain keywords
  • 4. Newcomers are unfamiliar with interpretic analytics
  • 5. Bidding wars occur for competitive keywords
  • 6. Money may be spent on keywords that yield little to no results
  • 7. Ads linked to an unappealing page won't convert visitors

If you need a team that has Google Adwords certification and can help you maximize your dollars spent on this marketing, contact our team.

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