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6 Graphic Design Mistakes To Avoid
When Creating Marketing Collateral

Tossed In The Recycling Bin! That’s the last thing you want to happen to your print marketing collateral. Many business owners fail to execute a proper print design for their business, wasting hundreds and often thousands of dollars. Whether you are hiring a graphic designer or designing your own marketing materials, these are common mistakes to avoid:

1. Using Small Text/Font Sizes
If the readers of your marketing material are 40 years and older, avoid using font sizes that are less than size 10. It makes the text illegible for those older (and wiser) eyes.

2. Too Much Variety or Inappropriate Typefaces
You should choose 1 font style and stick to it throughout your collateral, at max it should be 2 typefaces. And be careful with the typeface you use, it should be legible and represent your brand appropriately.

3. Low Res Images
Your images should be at least 300 dots per inch (dpi). That means do not download some random image off the web, they will look poor when you print them. Instead use a stock photography service like ZoomyImages.com to find photos that are the right size.
(.PNG and .GIF images do not print well. Don’t use those file types.)

4. Not Enough White Space
White space is a term used to describe areas in your design that are left empty on purpose. By using the right amount of white space around your text and images you are making your collateral more attractive and easier to read.

5. Not Giving Your Information Hierarchy or Proper Organization
When putting together your collateral, your most important information should receive greater prominence than all others. In addition, do your best to organize your information so that it can be easily scanned and digested by the reader’s eyes.

6. Lacking Call To Actions!
Shame on you if your marketing collateral doesn’t end with a “Call Us Today…” or “Visit Our Website…” It should ultimately create urgency in the mind of your consumer and influence them to contact you.

Don’t let your marketing material become another piece in the recycle bin. Hiring a skilled team to design and project manage your marketing collateral is the right investment to make.

Contact Us or call the Infinite team for a free review of your next Graphic Design project. 818.990.9843 .

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