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Email Marketing

The Strongest ROI Marketing Strategy?

A form of direct
marketing that can render
the best ROI of any
eMarketing tactic
Email Marketing-Envelopes

Email Marketing is the one of the most affordable and effective methods to reach your current and potential customers.

Email marketing’s biggest strengths are:

  • Highly cost effective

  • Micro-targeting (you can reach specific demographics/psychographics with your email)

  • Customizable and Brand Oriented

  • Viral Capabilities (Recipients can forward emails)

  • Measurable Analytics (You can see who opened your email and what links they clicked)
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Our Email Campaigns have higher success rate than the average Email Campaign.

We work with your business from the very first step of gathering emails to reporting the analytics of your campaign.

Emphasis on content + sleek designs = results


Not Collecting Enough Emails

  • Sign-up forms on your website, trade shows/networking events and social media websites are a great way of collecting emails.

Not Segmenting Your Email Recipients

  • Your emails may offer different values to different demographics. For example, the latest Life Insurance news will not interest your customers in the 20 year range.

Not Offering Value or Incentives

  • People are receiving more emails than ever before, which means your subject lines and body content need to entice your email recipients.

Not Testing Before Deployment

  • Your email design may look different in each email client, which is why you need to test each client before launch.s

Not Analyzing The Results

  • Majority of email programs provide analytics that show who opened your emails and which links they clicked.

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